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Our Services
Our team consists of competent insurance professionals. Furthermore, through our cooperation, additional expertise such as risk and safety, occupational health consultancy is at our disposal.
We regularly keep in touch with our clients, to ensure that insurance coverage is always in accordance with the actual risk situation. We provide our service to you 24/7.

Our primary goal is to protect your assets by reducing the overall cost of risk. While the cost of risk concept is not unique, the BIBL approach is.

Unlike other insurance brokers, BIBL is not focused on providing insurance quotations – we look at insurance as risk management solution.
We Deliver Value. We help you make better business decisions while providing increased protection at a reduced cost of risk.

We spend time understanding your operations to provide the best coverage.

We help you reallocate resources to more effectively manage risk.
We reduce the administrative burden so that you can spend more time on your core business.

Our clients gain a deeper understanding of your coverage, further reducing the likelihood of an uninsured or underinsured risks and thus expensive surprise.

We focus on improving loss experience and reducing premiums.

Risks change constantly in number and variety. Our service contains to customize your cover to your exposures. Doing this, we keep the expenses for reasonable insurance package for you as low as possible. Amongst others we achieve this by bundling individual policies.
We offer:

Exposure analysis and premium calculation
Evaluation and review of insurance values
Negotiation of competitive conditions
Support, advice in settlement of claims